Ask the Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Rhonda Huisman

low level laser therapy exper rhonda

Happy New Year!!  I wish you good health and a year full of vitality!!  This month I’d like to talk about how the ways we sit and sleep causes joint pain that affects vitality.

There are six areas of focus:

SITTING (includes automobile) SLEEPING
NECK Too much time looking down

Non-supportive chair

Not enough micro breaks

Not using a pillow with proper support

Pillow is over 2 years old

Sleeping  with neck hyper-extended and/or rotated beyond normal limits

SHOULDER Sitting with rounded shoulders

Weak core muscles

Poor ergonomics

Not enough micro breaks

Sleeping directly on your shoulder and arm in awkward position

Mattress over 10 years old

Sleeping with arms under pillow; improper neck support

Sleeping on stomach with arms and shoulders pinched forward

UPPER BACK Rounded shoulder posture; slouching for extended periods

No backrest and lumbar  support

Not enough micro breaks

Mattress not supportive, or firm enough

Mattress is over 10 years old

Sleeping on your stomach

LOWER BACK Slouching; improper posture

Arching back while in resting period and not maintaining natural curve of  the low back

No backrest and lumbar support

Poor ergonomics:  feet  firmly on floor with knees and hips at right angles

Mattress is not supportive, or firm enough

Sleeping on your stomach

Lack of sleep

HIP Sitting cross-legged at your desk or with weight on one hip

Not getting up every 20 minutes to stretch

Poor ergonomics:  feet  firmly on floor with knees and hips at right angles

Sleeping on your side with the top leg stretched over

Going to bed without doing exercises/stretches

Laser therapy works by supplying non-thermal photons of light.  Converted  into chemical energy at a cellular level, tissue healing is accelerated.  Blood flow is increased, swelling is decreased and muscle elasticity is improved.  Pain is reduced. The laser touches the skin, but is painless.  It often takes 3-5 consecutive sessions to feel the results.  Pain lasting less than 90 days responds faster than chronic conditions, which may take several consecutive treatments before results are stable.

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