Ask the Car Expert – Ralph Garnett

Ask the Car Expert – Ralph Garnett

Ask the Car Expert – Ralph Garnett

How to protect your New Vehicle Warranty.

First off, you are not required to have all of your maintenance preformed at your dealer. Equally important however, all of the fluids & materials used to maintain your vehicle must meet the specifications of the manufacturer. You must be able to document all maintenance by producing invoices from a recognized facility, the invoice must clearly show the VIN, Km, Date of service & details of the material used. Providing you follow the recommended maintenance intervals (by Km & Time) your manufacture is obliged by policy to honor their written warranty.

Items that can void your warranty!

Any performance modifications to your vehicle that can affect the intended Operating characteristics may void your manufactures warranty. It should be the responsibility of whoever you purchase these Accessories from to caution you when  their use may affect your warranty.Some examples include performance programming, lift kits, oversized tires and wheels, cold air or higher flow intake system or air cleaners.

There is always much “Buzz” on the Internet about the  “Magnuson Moss Warranty Act”  and the protection it affords vehicle owners. This act is law in the US but has no legal impact on car makers here in Canada.

We offer maintenance & full system Diagnostics & Repair on more than 30 makes of Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles. Both Gas and Diesel.  Factory Approved Maintenance & Programming.

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