Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert – April Ruzycki

Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert-Dr. Ruzycki

Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert  – April Ruzycki

18+ Point Inspection

How often do you get maintenance on your vehicle? Do you take it in for regular maintenance and oil changes?

Now think of your body…how often do you get maintenance and oil changes done? The human body is much more complex thus we need to visit more than one health professional to keep ourselves healthy, in-tune and in-check. How often do you visit your dentist, your optometrist, your acupuncturist, your chiropractor, your massage therapist, your naturopath and your medical doctor? So often as a society we spend more money on our vehicles than we do on our bodies. Unfortunately, we can not just buy a new body or new body parts like we can with a vehicle.

In our clinic we have many patients who are on regular maintenance care – they come on a consistent basis to get their spine, and ultimately their entire body, checked for misalignments and subluxations. These patients report that it is part of their health care routine along with exercise, sleep and eating healthy among other habits and treatments.

When patients visit our clinic they relay to the chiropractor what is happening with them on a written subjective form. They let us know if they have had a trauma, such as a fall or accident, what areas of their body is bothering them, stress levels, etc. This ‘diary’ between the patient and the doctor helps to increase communication. Many of our maintenance care patients will write: maintenance, check up or oil change – they just want to make sure everything is lined up so they can function at their optimal potential.

With the Activator protocol used in our office, we have a basic scan which begins at the patient’s knees and systematically checks up through the spine to their skull. The basic scan includes 18 points of inspection. But that is only the beginning. We always take into account what the patient has reported to us. For example, if the patient tripped, fell and landed on their hands – we will check their wrists, elbows and shoulders in addition to the basic scan, this could include up to 17 extra checks. Another example is if the patient has low back pain – additional checks include spinal and pelvic segments not previously tested, muscles and different misalignment patterns; these additional inspection points can quickly add up to another 15 checks.

Waiting for a serious problem to arise with your vehicle so often results in an increased cost to fix it; the same goes for your body – once you are hurt, more visits are required to get you out of pain. Think of your body as a machine or car – fuel it right and take it in for maintenance and preventive care to keep everything running smoothly! Come in and get your 18+ point inspection!