Ask the Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Rhonda Huisman

low level laser therapy exper rhonda

Ask the Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Rhonda Huisman

NASA studies demonstrate cells exposed to LLLT exhibit a 150%  increase in cellular metabolism suggesting enhanced cellular repair and vitality!!

Medical researchers across the globe are currently investigating a wide array of physiologic benefits produced by Low Level Laser Therapy.

Why choose Low Level Laser Therapy:

LASER IS THE MOST MODERN.  LLLT is quickly becoming the PREFERRED treatment for pain control and tissue healing in rehabilitation medicine. It is safe, painless and easy to apply.

LASER IS A FORM OF LIGHT ENERGY.  It is a pure form of light energy of a specific colour and wavelength, which has special healing properties.

LASER STIMULATES TISSUE GROWTH.  Stimulation includes tissue repair, increased blood flow, a reduction of swelling and a decrease in pain naturally.

LOW LEVEL LASER IS A PAINLESS THERAPY.  There is insufficient energy to damage cells. Lasers do not generate perceivable heat.  Therefore, the patient experiences no discomfort.  Some report a warm, tingling sensation. After decades of clinical use, there have been no adverse effects documented in clinical studies.

LASERS STIMULATE BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES AND CONDTIONS.  When laser light penetrates the tissues, photochemical reactions occur, creating beneficial effects on the body which help to control pain and accelerate healing.  LLLT has been a valuable treatment for a variety of conditions, including depression and insomnia.  Over time the whole body is “revitalized!”

RESULTS ARE RAPID AND SUSTAINABLE.  Some patients get immediate results after only one treatment.  However, most require more. Each patient will respond differently according to their age, health, nutrition and water intake. When the treatment plan is followed, the results are long lasting.

LESS IS MORE OVER A SPECIFIED TIME FRAME. The average number of treatments required is usually 5 to 10.  A minimum of six visits over the first two weeks will maintain the cells in bio-stimulation. Acute conditions require a few treatments.  Severe, chronic conditions may require 15 or more.