Ask the Bridal Show Expert – Pat, Nancy and Christine

Ask the Bridal Show Expert – Pat, Nancy and Christine
Ask the Bridal Show Expert –
Pat, Nancy and Christine

Whether a Bride or a Wedding Business, attending a bridal show can be the answer to success. The one stop day offers businesses a focused target market of those looking to meet their specific wedding needs and for brides, it is a great opportunity to see what is new and connect with the best in the wedding business to plan their perfect day.

Brides…Bridal shows are probably the best tool you can use to plan your wedding. They are exciting and a great way to connect with the professionals and see samples of their work. You, your groom and your guests can have a fun day celebrating your future and making plans.

We suggest you:

  • do some planning ahead to see what vendors are at the show and what services & products you are needing most. Prioritize your time.
  • be sure to look at every vendor booth at the show
  • wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to have fun
  • bring your daytimer/calendar to book appointments or dates
  • plan to gather information and view all ideas…booking consultations with businesses that you would like to discuss your plans further
  • be prepared to book dates with vendors who book quickly and do limited weddings in a day(venues, photographers, commissionaires, etc)
  • decide which fashion show you would like to watch and take your break to view gowns, tuxedos, florals and hairstyles on stage.
  • fill out the registration form completely to be entered in the Grand Prize and door prize draws. Please remember to check all boxes. Consent is required to share your info with “exhibitors only” for great opportunities.
  • bring labels with your contact information for booths that may have additional draws
  • bring a smile and have a fun day

Wedding Professionals…Bridal shows are an important marketing tool to introduce your business to the brides and guests in your target area. It is a great opportunity to connect with those looking for your services and products and booking potential clients to assist in creating their dream day and filling your calendar.

We suggest you:

  • do your planning in advance and ask questions of the show team. Be sure to read ALL materials sent to you.
  • have a clear vision of your goals and your message
  • spread the word with lots of pre-show social media and advertising
  • design your space, message and intro to catch attention and clearly introduce your product and services. Have marketing material prepared.
  • wear comfortable shoes and layers. Bring water and drink lots of it
  • be informative and not salesy. Make yourself memorable
  • bring your calendar/daytimer to book wedding dates and consultations. In order to connect with as many brides as possible, booking consultations to go into details is important
  • do not eat or play with your phone in your display
  • be on your feet in front of your display, ready to engage with guests.
  • focus on customers and be available at all times
  • qualify customers early in conversation to be sure you are what they are looking for and you can assist them with dates or products
  • take advantage of pre-show and post-show advertising and marketing opportunities as well as sponsorships and other bonus advertising
  • use the qualified bride list provided following the show to be in touch with brides giving consent to contact…emails, invites, showcase, etc.
  • be a consistant participant in bridal shows in your area to establish your business and product as part of the wedding industry

A bridal show is a great way for brides and wedding professionals to meet each other under one roof for one-stop shopping to plan a perfect wedding day. Both can plan to have fun and success with their goals.

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