Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Al Clemmensen


Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Al Clemmensen

The NEW YEAR begins with a NEW LOOK Equipment/Tools to help you change Your Flooring!

The holidays are over, the decorations are down and family has gone home till the next celebration. January can be a long month. This is a great time to update your home with new flooring.

Changing your flooring is a big job. The DIY person can do it but there is also a wide variety of Professional Contractors that can help you get the job done. The Rent-It Store carries a variety of tools for removing your flooring from hand tools to electric equipment for the large jobs.

If you are removing Ceramic Tile, Lino or Carpet off of wood or concrete subfloor, The Rent-It Store carries the right equipment to help you. The Floor Stripper is an innovative demolition tool for the fast and easy removal of floor tiles, vinyl, wood and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces.

Once you have discarded the old flooring, you will probably have to remove the residue left behind. Grout can be removed using the Bosch Dustless Grinder.

Glue can be removed with a Course Grit sand paper or a Carbide Disk on a 17” Floor Maintainer. These tools are powerful & durable for the most demanding jobs. This is the fastest and the most efficient method.

Once your subfloor has been swept and vacuumed to remove all dust you can begin to install your flooring. Lino Rollers will be handy to use if installing new Lino. If laying lino over a concrete floor, make sure all cracks and dips have been leveled. Again, any unevenness can be ground down using the dustless grinder.

If you are putting your lino on a wood floor, apply your adhesive to your subfloor. Once you have cut lino and have the complete flooring sheet is in place, use a roller to press it down firmly and bond it to the floor. Start in the centre of the room and work outwards towards the edges to eliminate air bubbles.

If you are installing unfinished hardwood flooring in your home, you will require an air compressor complete with air assist staple gun, table saw and a jigsaw, and quite possibly a jamb saw. First ensure that the subfloor is perfectly level and firmly fastened to the floor joists. The Upright Screw gun by PAM will help you install any extra screws you may need to do. This will make sure the subfloor is anchored.

Once you have finished laying your new hardwood floor you may need a finishing sander such as the Cherry Hill Orbital Floor Sander. Your choice of stain and finish can be added at this time.