Ask the Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Liz Mock

Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert-Liz Mock
Ask the Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Liz Mock

When we hear the words “Laser Therapy” we don’t immediately think of something comforting. The words “gentle”, or “relaxing”, or “soothing” probably just don’t pop to our minds. But amazingly, these are words that we hear daily in our office.

People tell us how much they love laser therapy and they tell us how much it has helped them. They tell us how soothing they find it. They tell us that it is a time when they can relax. They sometimes fall asleep as we are preforming laser therapy on them.

Often someone has plopped down in our chair, and sighed and said, “I can just feel myself relax.”

How can this be?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a gentle and soothing method of healing your aches and pains. Laser therapy is painless and non-invasive. For example, we have people come into our office with shoulder muscles as hard as boards. We can help them! The laser head is set over the areas of pain. The patient feels nothing. There is no roughness, no clenching of the teeth! Instead, healing light therapy is beamed into the areas of concern.

The hard-as-board muscles start to let go. The pain eases, the person can move better. Life starts to look up.

LLLT has a direct analgesic (pain-relieving) effect. It stimulates micro-circulation to an ischemic (oxygen starved) muscle. Oxygenated blood and nutrition are brought to the poor tight muscles or joints. Chronic inflammation is washed away. Relaxation of the muscle follows.

And patients sigh and say, “I can just feel myself relax!”

Do you want your poor tight muscles to feel better? Do you want to use a method that is safe, painless, with no side effects and that actually works?

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