Ask the Flower Expert – Laura Cadrin

Ask the Flower Expert – Laura Cadrin

How much do those Wedding Flowers Cost?

This post was created to help brides everywhere get a realistic expectation of what magazine/pinterest wedding flowers cost. Brides spend countless hours looking and then bring the pictures to their florists not knowing the real costs. When this happens the floral designer is often in the uncomfortable position of letting a bride know that the designs she is dreaming of don’t match her flower budget.

The flowers you choose and the skill level of your designer will affect the final costs of your flowers. Seasoned designers know how to design, secure product, detect quality issues, care for the flowers, trouble shoot and how to fully service an event. The region you live in will also effect pricing. Less expensive options for your flowers can be discussed with your florist.

Bridal Bouquets will range from $250-400. Yes, they can really cost this much. Many brides are choosing lush bouquets full of hydrangea, Garden Roses, orchids, callas, ranunculus, Gardenias, and many other high end flowers. Brides Maids Bouquets typically range from $100-165 and up. Again, the type of flowers that are chosen will affect the price. Bouquets include the cost of flowers, number of flowers that must be ordered, material and labour. Throw bouquets run approximately $45.

Pin on corsages range from $22 to 25, wrist style $26 to $50 and mini bouquets are $30 and up and mens boutonnieres range between $18 to $20. Flower Girls can have mini baskets or bouquets for $45 and up. Kissing balls or pomanders start at $95 and up. Flower crowns or halos should also begin at the $90 and up price point.

Alter flowers, Aisle Flowers and Centerpieces range in price and it is best to discuss your thoughts with your florist. Large pieces can typically start at $250 and up. The scale of the design has to be large and anything smaller than this looks out of proportion. It’s easy to spend $400-500 for really big designs.

It is important to discuss your budget and then present it to the florist you wish to work with. Remember your florist makes a living from his/her work. Comparing prices between flower shops is unfair if you are going from one florist to another with someone else’s ideas.

As florists, we hate to tell a bride that her choices are beyond her budget but if the bride is open minded, we can offer ideas or substitutions that will fit her style and price range for beautiful flowers she will love.

To establish your personal floral budget, we invite you to Click on the wedding tab and use our BRAND NEW WEDDING FLOWER BUDGETER. Then give us a call and we will work with you to personalize your wedding flowers within your budget.

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