Ask the Funeral Expert – Nathalie Lawrence

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Funerals have played a significant part of society for centuries.  They provide a means of expressing our thoughts and feelings about the death of our loved one.

Planning a funeral should be viewed as a privilege, not a burden.  It creates an opportunity to express the value of your loved one’s life and can have an important impact on those who are grieving the loss.  It can be a very emotional journey, but in the end it can leave you feeling very fulfilled as you have honoured a life lived.

The funeral service assists us in acknowledging the death of a loved one, helps us to reflect and pay tribute to the person who has died, provides a support system of other family members and friends, and offers hope for the living.

This journey of remembering and memorializing a loved one plays an important role in the process of grief and can provide a touching and inspiring experience for all those in attendance.

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