Ask the Gardening Expert – Corinne Hoffner


My name is Corinne and I am the “Greenhouse Manager”at the Windmill

Garden Centre and John’s Butterfly House. I have been employed here for 31 years and have experienced the growth and great changes over the years. My articles will be focused on problems/solutions gardeners have experienced.

Spring is my favorite time of year and like any gardener, it never seems to come early enough. While we are waiting for the weather to warm, there are a few things we can do to shake those winter blues.

Plans on Landscaping your yard

Step back and take a look at your yard and plan on how you can improve it. It could be adding a fountain as a focal point, adding a couple of bird baths to attract more birds or adding a few more perennials or shrubs.

Spring Seeding

Seeding vegetables or flowers indoors can be very rewarding and cost effective. Start with clean trays and pots, seedling starter mix and a bright warm spot. We carry seeding supplies along with seed racks from six different companies including a local company from Lethbridge called “Wildrose Heritage Seeds” They supply Heirloom  Seeds that are grown, harvest and packaged in Lethbridge.