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Does your pet have halitosis?

Does your pet have Halitosis?  I am amazed at the bad breath of some of our clients’ pets with dental  disease.  I am even more amazed that the owners can stand the odor when the pet licks them or is panting away at close range.

Some dogs, like some people naturally produce more tartar.  It may be genetic and have something to do with their saliva.  Certain breeds of small dogs have more problems.  Most large, outside dogs and farm dogs have nice white teeth, possibly because they chew bones and other tough material that scrapes the tartar off.

Farm dogs, especially working border collies are susceptible to kicks in the face and broken teeth, however.   Sometimes they do OK without treatment but quite often the broken teeth are painful, sometimes abcess and need to be removed.

February and March are pet dental months.  There are all kinds of things to make your pet’s mouth healthier and happier.  There are special dental diets, gels, rinses, things to put in the water etc.  Some people brush their pet’s teeth.

At least have a look in your pet’s mouth and see what the teeth look like and how much tartar is present, if teeth are missing or loose or broken.

Most Veterinarians do dental procedures like cleaning, polishing, radiographs and extractions.  There are Veterinary Specialists in Calgary and bigger centres that will crown your pet’s teeth, do root canals and pretty much anything a dentist does for us.  False teeth are likely not an option but I am sure someone will come up with something like that.

You might wonder why we would need dental radiographs.Sometimes the tooth looks pretty good but the root underneath is bad.  Sometimes we extract a tooth and need to take an X-ray to make sure we got the whole root.  You can usually tell if a broken tooth needs to be extracted with a radiograph as well.

The benefits of dental exams, cleaning and polishing are a longer healthier life for your

pet and a nice fresh dog or cat breath kiss to  more halitosis!!!!!