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Hookah Secrets Only Hookah Experts® Know, and other people suspect.

The world of hookah is a mysterious place filled with lots of truths, even more myths, and some important secrets of the Experts®. We like to consider ourselves hookah Experts® here at Babylon tower and so we wanted to dispel some of the common myths, expound on the truths, and unleash the secrets. After reading this you’ll be well on your way to becoming a hookah Expert®.

The idea that a taller hookah automatically smokes better than a short one has been thrown around for a long time. It is a myth. The only part that makes the difference would be the base that hold the water…too small…it does not cool your smoke properly…making it harsher

The things that make one hookah better than another are the width of your down stem/hose adapter/hose, a lack of air-leaks, and a base that holds enough water to cool your smoke properly.

This hookah secret is one that we wish more people knew about. It all boils down to physics. As smoke passes through your hookah, it will go through a series of passageways of various sizes. Obviously the largest sized passageway will be the base where the smoke has lots of space. The main chokepoints to keep an eye on would be the down stem, the hose adapter, the heart chamber, and your hose. Whichever one of these passageways has the smallest opening, will regulate the performance of all of the others.

Khalil Mamoon hookahs will generally offer the best performance in this regard.

Have a guess what brand we use at Babylon Tower Restaurant.

This is a common misconception amongst new hookah smokers. I like apple flavors, and this flavor is called DOUBLE apple, so it must be twice as good, right? Noooo …. the right name is actually…two apples…for the simple fact that it contains red and green apple. If you love the flavor of anise and black licorice with a hint of apple, it’s right up your alley. But if you were looking for a juicy, ripe, apple flavor, beware, you won’t find it here.

We will be waiting for you to come here and try other most excellent flavours we hold in stock.

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