Ask the Hearing Expert – John Letts BC-HIS



Many people believe that good balance comes from a strong core. Balance is a very complex system that can be acquired from three very important sensorimotor systems and one of those is located in your ears!

There is a system located in our Inner Ear called the vestibular system and it is in charge of sending information to the brain about the movement we make and what our gravitational pull to the earth is. Our fluid filled semicircular canals tell the brain what is happening as the fluid moves and triggers the sensory receptor.

When we are sick or go through seasonal allergies, we may experience a poorer sense of balance as it  affects our delicate

inner ear system. More  importantly, a standard middle ear infections that is not taken care of could turn into an inner ear infection and cause you to lose your sense of balance and have a constant sense of spinning.

John Hopkins University has also linked hearing loss to a greater chance of falling by loss of balance. Participants with just a mild hearing loss were 3 times more likely to fall than those without and this number  only increased as the hearing loss grew.

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