Ask the Oil Changes Expert – Jonathan Lupul (expert on file)


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Why we do what we do.

An ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure. – Adapted from a Mae West quote

As humans we are reactive rather than proactive by nature. It shows in the vehicles we see on a daily basis. I’m not going to get into the reasons why but I am going to bet you know that being proactive is pretty painless and simple here. I want to let you know what we do and why; whenever a vehicle pulls into our locally and family owned shops. You come in for an oil change but we go above that because your vehicle is a complex, mechanical organism. You depend on all of its systems to work properly so that it can perform reliably in all sorts of conditions. We look over and maintain the basic and most vital of these systems every time you come in.

We change oil!

All kinds of oil. Most important is engine oil. There are lots of different recommendations out there as to how often you should change it. Things to consider: Oil serves many functions – it lubricates, it cools, it cleans. It does more, but I’ll keep it simple. Our climate is one of the harshest for motor oils. Cold starting, short trips, stop-and-go driving, dusty conditions, all shorten the oils lifespan and therefore qualify your vehicle as being used in severe service. Every three months or 5000 kms is a great rule of thumb between October and March. Condensation and excessive fuel in the oil due to cold starting and operating greatly reduce the additives in the oil. Warmer weather is not as harsh on a motor oil, however, excessive mileages without using a synthetic oil filter or upgraded oil filer are a bad decision.

Other fluids we maintain for you are transmission, differentials, transfer case, power steering, and coolant. The conditions, as well as the levels, of these fluids are vital for your vehicle to operate consistently and efficiently. There are many different intervals for these as well, and we explain these when you come in, but the same is true here – our climate, combined with the habits of the average driver (short distances with stop-and-go driving) greatly shorten the effectiveness of these fluids.

Wiper blades and washer fluid are one of the simplest yet most often overlooked areas of maintenance. I cannot believe I even have to mention this, but, being able to see clearly when your drive, especially at night and in bad weather, is crucial. We carry excellent wipers and washer fluid is always free for our customers.

Tires are another easily maintained part of your car. Having the correct air pressure ensures maximum fuel economy, even tread wear (and proper grip levels), and minimal suspension and steering wear. We check for tire damage, tire wear, tire inflation, and tire age. All at no extra cost to you. Another free service we provide, is our visual inspection under the hood and from under the vehicle. How is your serpentine belt doing? Coolant hoses, vacuum lines, sensor connections? We do free battery tests as well. Not only is your battery there to start your vehicle and run accessories but a failing battery can restrict fuel economy, power, and throttle response. Underneath your vehicle we can help diagnose suspension, exhaust, steering, and driveline problems as well as locate leaks. From here we can give your recommendations as to what to do next. Do these issues need immediate attention or do you have time to save up for them?

It’s never just an “oil change” here. You and your vehicle mean too much to us. Visit the Saskatoon Oil Change Experts !

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