Ask the Real Estate Expert – Ron Lagemaat, BSc.


Selling in the Spring Market

Statistically, more homes sell in the months of April, May, June, and July than in the other times of the year. At this time of year, new Lethbridge real estate listing signs pop up in higher quantity than the tulips.  But we all know that doesn’t mean every home is going to sell.  So how do you make sure yours is the one to sell amidst all of the competition?

Well, you have to wade through some key factors:

  • Correct market placement with competitive pricing
  • Appropriate and timely exposure of the property
  • Ensuring agents and their qualified buyers are attracted to your property
  • Reactivity to micro-trends in the immediate market.

An experienced and trustworthy REALTOR® will be able to help you by providing honest and objective advice.  This advice will be vital to the success of your sale of your particular property and will include:

  • Present date market evaluations
  • Current sales and prices for your neighbourhood
  • MLS® participation
  • Best possible showing experiences
  • Attractive enticements towards your property.

Putting this best foot forward in the right way is key to seeing your SOLD sign go up in front of your house, while the rest just remain on the other side of the statistics.

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