Ask the Recreational Vehicles Expert – Tom Oakes


Spring is upon us and it`s time to clean up the yard, the garage and the RV. This is a good time to review the contents of your RV, as well. Check the condition of, and determine whether a new awning mat, battery, hoses or chairs are needed for the upcoming season. Roll out the awning and let it breathe, the breeze will dry up any moisture that it may have absorbed and you can freshen it up with a good cleaning. Storage bins may need an inventory done so you have the right stuff when you need it, rather than finding out that you`re out of something. A peek on the roof around the vent covers, and a visual of the caulking and silicone can determine if any maintenance is needed. Open up and look in everything to remind yourself of where you may have tucked something away and ensure no uninvited guests are aboard. When the time is right and weather allows, it`s time to summerize and rinse out lines that had antifreeze in them as well as run some propane thru your system and check for leaks, both liquid and gas. Next is tires, bearings, suspension and brakes… paying some attention in these areas is always worth it as you go towing for the first outing. Your hitch components may need some grease and or adjustments if you`ve changed vehicles over the winter months as well, and remember to check your electrical connection for proper operation of lights and charging system. Finally a review of your insurance and registration to verify that coverage is in effect !

At Oak Centre RV Mall in Martensville we are aware of all the things that are needed and required to have a safe and enjoyable RV experience… Our expertise goes well beyond the sale of a unit. We match the rig not only to the wish list of options, but to the tow vehicle, how it`s to be enjoyed, where it may travel and potentially the resale ability when you are done with it. Several clients have purchased a unit to take on specific `bucket-list` equivalent trips knowing they were going to consign at a later date to resell… great foresight on all levels!

TRX RV Saskatoon, TCC Truck Camper Canada, Scotty`s RV SOURCE and RVceteras literally specialize in all areas of the RV Lifestyle. Valuable information, meaningful conversations and affordable solutions are what we are all about. We have the benefits of many years of experience, as well as the latest in technologies and advancements in the industry.


Thru Scotty’s RV SOURCE we offer our NO-Charge SELL-X Consignment service. If you have, but are not using your RV, – we will turn it into CASH FOR YOU and / or payout the lien. We have customer leads for all kinds of pre-owned units, waiting for your rig to become available! Don`t procrastinate, as this turn around time can be quick! It’s Quick, it’s Easy, it’s Free, AND it’s Guaranteed!!!

Hooray, spring is here! Another RV season is in our midst!

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