Ask the Accounting Expert – Angie Ritchie

Ask The Accounting Expert- Angie Ritchie

Far too many small business owners struggle with cash flow and are unable to remit GST, Payroll or Corporate taxes.  When cash is tight most business owners pay the rent and employees, CRA can wait. When this cycle repeats a few times, now you are in a big pickle. The interest and penalties that CRA charges can seem insurmountable so how are you going to find thousands of extra dollars to meet your obligations to CRA? If you are in this situation, we are pleased to announce our new Strategic Partners, Tax Solutions Canada (TSC). The TSC team is comprised of professionals with diverse expertise in tax and negotiating with CRA. They resolve serious and complicated tax problems for their clients. They will take over all communications with CRA, negotiate Payment Plans, remove or reduce enforcement actions, and get you current with your tax obligations. If you are experiencing tax problems, take the first step to resolution – Call your local accountants in Medicine Hat at the Ledgers office at 403-526-0118 or visit our website and request a Free Consultation with Tax Solutions Canada.