Ask the Auto Reconditioning Expert – Rob Schock

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Schock & Awe Auto Spa was established in October 2015. Our goal as auto reconditioning specialists is to “Clean”, “Restore” and “Protect” all facets of your vehicle. We have been professionally trained at Rightlook® in San Diego California in Vehicle Detailing, Windshield Rock Chip Repair, Paint Correction, Headlight Restoration & Window Tint. As well we are certified factory trained installers of XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film. So if your vehicle is needing some extra TLC, look no further! Trust our professionals to keep one of your biggest investments looking good.

Schock & Awe Auto Spa is very excited to announce an amazing new product exclusive to us in Medicine Hat and Area called Rocket RestorKoat®! Our product can bring your vehicles paint back to life without breaking the bank, with our hand applied clear-coat you can vastly reduce and almost eliminate swirls, small scratches, oxidation, spider webbing and scuffs (pretty much any defect in the clear-coat) in the fraction of the time & cost that it would to re-paint.

Rocket RestorKoat® is a total paint renewal system for your auto, boat or RV and it only takes a fraction of the cost and time that it takes to paint. It is not a wax or polish, but an actual hand applied polyurethane clear coat. It self-levels and self-cures evenly and consistently which means there are NO ‘weak’ or ‘low’ spots in the finished product, lasting for many years, whereas polishes, waxes and paint sealants may last up to a year at best.

Automotive paint is typically a 2 stage base coat that contains the Color and metallic. (also safe for single stage paint systems) A clear coat is then added at the factory for depth and protection for the paint but once the clear coat becomes damaged by scratches, swirls, scuffs or oxidation, then the shine will disappear. With Rocket RestorKoat® we can reduce and eliminate those heavy scratches, scuffs, and swirl marks.

The finish that it produces is superior to factory clear coat finishes because it adds depth, and thickness (adding 1-2mm per application), thereby making the finish on your auto, boat or RV stronger and long lasting. This is also much more superior to traditional “cut & polish” methods of “paint correction” which actually grinds down and reduces the clear or gel coat’s life to regain the shine.

Because we hand apply Rocket RestorKoat® the result is greater coverage with very little VOC’s released into the air making it an environmentally conscious way to renew your vehicles paint.

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