Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert – Wallace Jans

Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert- Dr. Wallace Jans


As you go for a walk in the fresh spring air, take a moment to consider the incredible body you have.  Look beyond the few flaws that you always seem to focus on.  Consider that, without the slightest thought on your part, you breath in fresh air and breath out carbon dioxide.  Your lungs extract oxygen from the air and transfer it to your red blood cells to be distributed to every part of your body.  You do this 12 to 20 times every minute of your adult life without ever needing to give it a thought.  While you walk, you don’t have to think of how the approximately 200 muscles in your body are actively propelling you forward and allowing you to balance and breath.  Not only are you able to walk, but at the same time listen to the birds chirp, smell the fresh grass, see the budding leaves, feel the breeze on your face, step over a crack in the walkway, and carry on a conversation with a friend.   All of this is accomplished with little or no conscious effort on your part.

While your body is doing all these things, there are also billions of chemical reactions happening in each of the trillions of cells in your body!  The numbers are beyond comprehension.  All of the reactions are being executed in wonderful harmony so you can live.  Each organ and gland is carrying on its designed task.  Food is being digested.  Waste is being expelled.  The immune system is patrolling for invaders.  The nervous system is coordinating everything.  And you thought you were just out for a stroll in the fresh air!  Be amazed at the incredible body you have been given!

In fact your body is so amazing that it knows how to heal itself.  There has never been a doctor that can heal the body.  Only the life within the body can do the healing.  The best we can do is help to create the right environment for the body to heal.  So when you have back pain, neck pain or headaches all a chiropractor can do is enable the body to do what it already capable of doing.  By restoring normal joint and nerve function, the body’s amazing healing ability is released.  Even when a person doesn’t have obvious symptoms, chiropractic care can allow the body to work more effectively.

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