Ask the Compounding Expert – Andrew Gilbertson

Ask the Compounding Expert – Andrew Gilbertson

Are you a new parent? Maybe you’re expecting? Or planning on having children in the near future? If you find yourself in one of these groups, the Experts® at Hill Avenue Drugs are here to help! We know that being pregnant or a new parent isn’t always easy, but we can compound certain medications to help you through some of the tough times of sickness, rashes, pains…you name it. Today’s article will discuss some of the medications we prepare and when they can be used.

New Mothers

Dr. Jack Newman’s All Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO) – An issue amongst new mothers is sore and/or tender nipples from breastfeeding. Thankfully, we try to keep this ointment prepared so there is no waiting when you need relief. This ointment is a combination of three ingredients that is applied in small amounts after each feed to help treat and cure the affected area. It is safe and effective and does not need to be washed off before the next feeding. More information regarding APNO and other information on breastfeeding can be found at

Babies – Diaper Rash

Cholestyramine Diaper Rash Ointment – A common occurrence amongst babies is diaper rash. Not only does it look painful, but it can be difficult to manage if your baby is in pain every time you try to change their diaper. There are many causes of diaper rash and identifying the cause can help both in treatment and to minimize the frequency of future events. Contact diaper rash is a simple rash due to contact with urine and stool. For some stubborn cases, the doctor may prescribe a cholestyramine diaper rash ointment to clear up the rash and reduce irritation. This compounded ointment is one we make often to help clear up these painful rashes as soon as possible!

Infants & Children – Acid Reflux

Omeprazole & Lansoprazole Suspensions – Sometimes infants or children can have upset stomachs and reflux or spit up their stomach’s contents. Because our stomach is acidic, this reflux can cause discomfort and irritability in infants leading to poor weight gain or difficult feedings. This can also be stressful on the parents. If this is an issue for your infant, your doctor may prescribe a suspension which reduces the amount of acid in the stomach thereby reducing the irritation caused by reflux. This medication is typically given once a day and is best to give it to your child at least a half hour before meals. Not only do we make this suspension, but we can even customize its flavour to make it more appealing to your little one! Flavours include grape, marshmallow, banana crème…just to name a few. Make sure you shake the medication well before giving it and store it in the refrigerator!

All products we compound do require an active prescription, and can either be a new prescription or refills transferred from another pharmacy. We are a Regina pharmacy more than happy to work with you to individualize the product, and if your doctor or other prescriber has any questions regarding compounding options, we are available to collaborate with them directly as well. Feel free to give us a call at 306-586-6262 or stop by Hill Avenue Drugs to discuss options with one of our pharmacists: Andrew, Janice, Gavin or Michaeline. We are here seven days a week – Monday to Friday from 9AM to 9PM, Saturday from 9AM to 6PM, Sunday from 1PM-5PM, and closed statutory holidays. We look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way we can! Visit our website for more information