Ask the Gardening Expert – Corrine Hoffner


I had a lot of crawling insects on my trees and shrubs last year. How can I prevent this from happening this year?

Dormant Oil or Horticultural Oil can be used to help cut back on the amount of pesty insects in your yard. It can be applied early spring when danger of frost has passed and when the tree and shrubs are at the leaf budding stage and before the leaf unfolds.

This oil coats the leaf bud and suffocates any over-wintering insects or egg mass. Both oils also can be used during the growing season, when the tree has leafed out. At this time the strength would have to be adjusted. There are also some trees you should not use this product on. So always read the label on the bottle.

Every year I like to add something new to my yard. What plants are new for 2016?

The following Perennials are New for 2016


  • Curly Fries • Niagra Falls
  • White Feathers • Grand Prize
  • Lakeside Paisley Print • Forbidden Fruit


Blue Stem Grass – Rain Dance, Gerardii

Oat Grass – Blonde Ambition

Switch Grass – Blood Brothers

Iris – I`m back • Champagne Elegance  • Rio Rojo


Daylily – Bandolero • Endless Lily Orange

New Strawberry

Aloha Berry – A unique strawberry with a taste that is a cross between a strawberry and a pineapple

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