Ask the Lingerie and Alterations Expert – Deanna Tanner

Ask the Lingerie and Alteration Expert – Deanna Tanner

When was the last time you had a bra fitting?  Some of you have been putting this off like it’s a painful thing.  It’s not like doing your taxes, or getting a tooth pulled.

At PrimaDeanna Boutique we make it really fun.  Our philosophy is that bras come in sizes, people don’t.  So don’t worry that we are going to define you by a size, or shape.  We are here to help you find products that are flattering to your curves, brighten your outlook, and of course feel perfectly comfortable!

Maybe you are stuck in a rut, always wearing the same type of bra.  Why not allow your bra fitter to suggest something new to widen your horizons.  You might fall in love with a new favourite!

Our bra fitting fees are included in the price of the bra, as well as a few extras!  Did you know PrimaDeanna bras come with a warranty?  If a wire pops out or the hooks break, bring it back in and we will repair them at no charge, for the life of the bra.  If you have picked out a new bra but it needs an alteration, no problem!  PrimaDeanna has Free Alterations on new bras!

The latest fashions, bright colours, and innovations as well as the most comfortable basics.  We stock bras in band sizes 30-42 and cup sizes A-I (that’s a DDDDDD) So many reasons to buy your bras at PrimaDeanna Boutique!  We are the Regina lingerie Experts®!  Call us today with any questions you may have: 306-531-6750 or visit our website for more information