Ask the Realty Expert – Bridget Lambert


With the uncertainty of the downturn of our Alberta economy, everyone is trying to find ways to save money. Many people facing a job loss, job transfers, and/or a need to downsize are looking to sell their Medicine Hat property. Whatever the case may be Sell & Save can get your property sold and save you money.

They say that there are three major considerations when you sell your home. Location, Price & Condition. But even the best of all three won’t help if nobody knows that the property is for sale. Exposure plays a very important key in selling your home. Ads on classified sites such as Kijiji, Craigslist, or social media like Facebook and Twitter, only reach about 10% of potential buyers. If you are you looking to sell your property you will want to get maximum exposure. If you consider that over 90% of homes sold in Canada are sold through MLS®, it’s easy to see why MLS® is essential for selling your property. MLS® is the most effective home selling tool because it allows you to directly reach those who are ready and willing to buy.

In 2010 CREB (Canadian Real Estate Board) struck an agreement with the Competition Bureau allowing home owners to list their properties on MLS® for a flat fee, opening the door for Canadians to make it easier to sell their homes without using a full-service agent. Two years later a new real estate company named Sell & Save was born! With Sell & Save you gain the benefits that MLS® has to offer while simultaneously keeping more of the equity in your home and retaining the right to sell your property yourself.

With a Mere Posting you can pay a flat fee instead of a listing commission, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Because the majority of people looking to buy a home will be working with a Realtor® we do recommend offering compensation to the selling Realtor®. They will be representing potential buyers and this can increase your chances of the sale of your home. In our more than 35 years in the Real Estate business we have found that some people are comfortable selling their house on their own, and some would prefer to pay a professional to do so. No matter where you fall in that spectrum Sell & Save can help. We created three unique packages that offer various levels of service and assistance to sell your home the best way that suits you. Think of Sell & Save as an “À la carte” concept. Pay for only the services you need, and no matter what package you choose, you still get the support and expertise of a licensed, professional Realtor®.

With Sell & Save you are in total control. You get the awesome exposure for your property on MLS® without being tied into a contract.

If you are thinking about listing your property, check out Sell & Save! Let us show you how you can save money! Don’t hesitate, give us a call at 403.502.4400 or visit more information.