Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

Ask the Roofing Expert – Greg Wilson

Yet another month has come and gone. With April finally here things are getting busy, now let’s just hope there aren’t too many rainy days this spring. I would like to thank all my customers who confirmed and booked last year. I look forward to speaking with you this spring and completing your jobs.

When I speak with my customers they often tell me about previous experiences or things they were dissatisfied with their last roofing contractor. Common concerns are typically things like they didn’t clean up after they were finished or the eave troughs had shingles and nails left in them. Some customers even say when they try to get warranty from the contractor they never come out or avoid returning calls. All of which are unacceptable by my standards.

This is why it’s extremely important to choose the right contractor. With all the insurance work that is going on insurance companies will choose a contractor who is on their “preferred” list. Sometimes using  local contractors or even contractors from other parts of the province. My point here is that you do have a say in who you choose even if they are not on their “list”.

There are many things that the average home owner may not know about when having their roof done. When we meet, this gives me an opportunity to inform you about what to look for and what not to when having your roof done; and what to expect from your contractor.

I pride myself in my work and customer satisfaction. My customers can attest to this. Call for your consultation and free estimate with Medicine Hat roofing Expert® 403-581-1355. To view previous jobs look for us on Facebook