Ask the Water Filtration Expert – Ryan Lamb

Ask The Water Filtration Expert- Ryan Lamb

Did you know that hard water can damage your appliances and may void the warranty? As your Water Treatment Experts®, we at Culligan water want to make sure you’re aware of the impact untreated water can have on your home, including the life of your tankless water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, and more.

Here are some Warranty Exclusions you will often find on water heaters and other appliances in your home:

  • Improper installation (such as inadequate water quality)
  • Improper maintenance (such as scale buildup)
  • Damages, malfunctions or failure caused by poor water quality, lime or mineral build-up or sediment build-up
  • Installation where the acidity of water is not within the normal range specifications

These are just some examples of the fine print that can be found in the warranty packages of appliances. Please read the fine print to ensure the longevity of your new purchase and give us a call with your questions at 1-855-866-6066 or visit our website

Your appliances will be safe from these exclusions with the simple installation of a Water Softener.