Regina Health Food Expert – Dr. Jennifer Dyck, BSc ND

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Astaxanthin Plus

Astaxanthin, which looks hard to say but is pronounced As-ta-zan-thin, is an important carotenoid in the same family as beta-carotene. It is a pink-red colour, which is most famously known to colour animals such as herring eggs, prawns, shrimp, and salmon, as well as the animals that eat them, such as flamingos, a pink hue. But, it doesn’t just colour these animals, it serves a very important purpose! Astaxanthin is a strong antioxidant, it infact offers 6,000 times more antioxidant protection than vitamin C and scavenges free radicals 800 times more effectively than CoQ10! Most famously, astaxanthin has the ability to quench free radical damage from ultraviolet radiation. Animals living close to the surface of the water, like shrimp and prawns, or organisms with little defence (like fish roe) need astaxanthin to prevent the oxidation from the sun. It is like a natural sunscreen for these creatures, and this benefit can also be seen in humans. Clinical studies show that astaxanthin can help protect skin from premature aging due to the sun’s UV rays. In addition, Astaxanthin Plus by Natural Factors supports cardiovascular and immune system health, and with added lutein and zeaxanthin, this formula provides antioxidants which is also important for maintaining eye health. So next time you go to a sunny tropical destination, or decide to do some serious work in your garden, do your body a favour and try Astaxanthin Plus to support your skin from the inside out!