Red Deer Heating and Air Conditioning Expert – Brad Johnson

Central Air Conditioning This Summer?

There are many reasons shaping a decision to install Central Air Conditioning in your home.

Those considering this upgrade to their home are already convinced that it will improve the comfort of their indoor environment. After all, who doesn’t drive an air-conditioned vehicle, or work in an air-conditioned workplace?

Immediate Benefits

  1. A good night’s sleep might just be the result of having control of your summer indoor temperature!
  2. Lower stress levels
  3. Humidity Control
  4. Security (Allows you to keep windows and doors closed)
  5. Dust control (once again, indoor dust is less likely with windows and doors shut)
  6. Pets love air conditioning! (My dogs spend a lot
    of time sleeping on the registers)

If you are considering investing in central air for your home this summer, keep in mind that there is rarely a home that cannot be air conditioned.

Installations take less than a day to complete, and you can be assured that Comfortec will complete the job with courteous, professional technicians and maintain high standards of cleanliness and respect for your home.

Call me at 403-309-8301 if you have any questions regarding installation or benefits of central air as it applies to your home. Our Estimates are FREE!