Grandeprairie Men’s Wear Expert – Drake Houssian

Men'sWear Expert

Drake, I work in the oil patch and need a pair of coveralls, what questions should I be asking when I go in a store?

Working with a good retailer, you and your sales person should be asking about what leases you will be on, many leases have different requirements, some requiring specialized coveralls like Nomex111a, or Indura ultra soft, these coveralls are fire retardant for life, meaning they will never lose their inherent FR properties. All leases will require coveralls to have reflective stripes so make sure they have the full stripe package. Fit of course is also very important, you’ll be in these coveralls 8-16 hours a day so make sure, they fit well, do you need Talls or Regular, ask if they have a tailor that can shorten legs. Ask about the zipper warranty, a 3 month zipper warranty should be the minimum you should ask for.At Edward’s Factory Outlet, we strive to get the best coveralls at the best price.

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