Lethbridge Marketing Expert -Cindy Leenstra


Let’s talk about introducing the people of Southern Alberta to your business using the power of radio; ultimately, driving those people to the door of your business. My name is Cindy Leenstra. I am an account manager for 106.7 Rock and 107.7 The River and it’s my experience that a creative advertising campaign will result in that success!

How do we do that?  We tell your story – with a creative, well thought out advertising campaign. Perhaps your story is about a special event you want people to know about or maybe your message is to promote your new business.  Or, your story might be a long term, consistent campaign to promote your brand. Your commercial should present a situation that our audience can relate to.  To keep that audience engaged month after month; make your ads part of an ongoing campaign.  Over time, changing the creative or rotating 2 or 3 different commercials will have our listeners anticipating the newest version of your ad, keeping your campaign fresh and relevant.  For instance, I have a client that runs 3 commercials everyday all year long. They regularly change their creative to promote their brand as well as update their limited time offers.  This keeps their business top-of-mind while also driving business during their special promotions.  Plus, with radio, there are no production fees for building your ads.  You only pay for air time. This means building a new ad is easy and costs nothing.

A great ad will grab the attention of the listener and hold on to it. We can make that ad wildly creative or mildly creative.

Let’s not forget about the power of a bit of humor.  We have a strong writing team and our in-house production team completes the magic, adding the finishing touches to your ads – like sound effects and compelling music. And, because we belong to Rogers Media Inc., we have access to professional, unique and unusual voices nation-wide.  If your message is especially personal, something you’d like to voice yourself, our team is terrific at assisting with that as well.

Above all else, to have a successful advertising campaign, it is critical to consistently and creatively remind people of where you are and what you have to offer!

Let us get to work on your story to start making you money!

To learn more, and for a free marketing consultation, call us at 403-328-1077.