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Did you know that The Shine Factory has been serving Medicine Hat and area for over 25 years

But why buy from The Shine Factory? The convenience of buying from an automotive accessories Expert® is our ability to figure out exactly what you want out of the part you’re looking to purchase. The price difference in brands of accessories can be huge. But just because something is “the best” or “the cheapest”  may not necessarily mean that that is the product that is best for your needs. An example could be with upgrading or adding lights to your work truck that sees some hard daily use. You could spend anywhere from $80-$799 for what looks to be the same set of lights. The difference though, is on the inside. High quality lights for $450 will be hand built in North America with high quality components and a lifetime warranty.  The ones for $150 are most likely mass produced in an overseas plant. Coming with a 1 year warranty. Knowing that most electronics fail well after the second or third year, the light fails and now your stuck to think. I can’t buy the $450 ones now, so you buy another cheaper one. A few years go by and the lights fail, now you’re at $450 when you replace it again. See the cycle?  Now if you knew you were going to modify your vehicle to have the lights on it for say 10 years, and had bought the better quality light. You would have actually saved money and time by not having to keep replacing cheap lights. Also the peace of mind of having a better quality and better performing product on your vehicle. For any accessory sales, installation or repairs contact The Shine Factory @ 403 527 7955 or