Medicine Hat Community Living Considerations – Vern Enslen


Community Living Considerations

There are almost as many reasons for moving from a single family dwelling into a close community setting as there are people. The community setting being referred to could be condo style, apartment building or a retirement villa.

Some of the considerations are freedom from building and grounds up-keep, freedom to travel at will, physical security within a complex, social needs or desires or the requirement for physical care.

Financial abilities also play a part in making these decisions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Life Lease, title ownership or rental? What are the initial and ongoing costs? Will my current income allow the move?

A major consideration is lifestyle. Do you enjoy interacting with people and are willing to be involved in social groups or are you a more reclusive individual looking for peace and quiet involving more solo type of hobbies? Is the accommodation central to necessary amenities and recreation outlets you frequent? If not, is public transportation adequate and readily accessible? If you do own a vehicle, is parking conveniently underground and warm in the winter or will you need to scrape windows and brush snow?

What about visitors to your home? Will the happy voices of children in the hallways of your complex be welcome or will you later be asked to keep your company quiet? Are there common areas where you can entertain family and friends when numbers may be a little too large for your suite? Are there private meeting areas so as not to disturb other residents as you celebrate holidays, birthdays etc.? Does the community you are considering have guest accommodations for out-of-town visitors or will they need to find a hotel?

We recognize that community living may not be for everyone. Most people who have made the move to community living tell us they are so glad they did and almost all add “I wish we had done it sooner”.

If you are interested in Community Living, please give us a call at 403-526-6951 and we would be happy to answer your questions.