Lethbridge Account Manager and Marketing – Elisha Willis


The Importance of a Strong Brand

My name is Elisha Willis and I am an account manager for 106.7 Rock and the recently rebranded KiSS 107.7.  I am super excited about the opportunity to talk to you about the importance of having a strong brand for your business.  Let’s start by thinking about some of the strong, well-known brands in business today.  A few that come to mind for me are McDonalds and their big yellow arches.   Apple comes to mind, with their high in demand products.  And of course, we all have the daily need for information from the ever so trusty Google! All of these companies are major leaders in the business world today.  Why is it that these companies come top of mind so quickly for me?   Over time, these businesses have developed a “strong, trusted, well-known brand”.  They have branded themselves in a very significant way, consistently over a long period of time.   By doing so, they have earned that elusive top of mind awareness in the minds of their consumers and people like myself.

How did they build the brand?   It wasn’t just a cool logo or a catchy jingle.   It’s in everything they do.   They have a unique and predominant logo, they have slogans along with unique music and video beds through all their advertising.  They have consistent product design and packaging, even the attire their employees wear all have the same consistent brand.  The customer experience is always consistent as well, which is the most important part of building your brand.  How do people feel when they see your brand or interact with it … that’s your brand.   And these companies have invested highly in creating, implementing and maintaining their brands.   Consistent and frequent brand advertising over many media outlets has helped their businesses become so well known all over the world.

Why is a strong brand important?   Having a strong brand sets your business apart from your competitors and puts you top of mind.  With this top of mind awareness you will gain trust between your business and your customers, and in return will increase your sales.

It is important that as a business you take the time to define what you want your brand to be, have consistency through all aspects of your business and develop a marketing campaign which highlights and focuses on the strengths of your brand.

KiSS 107.7 and 106.7 Rock will be hosting a series of free marketing presentations October 17 & 18, 2016.   These are short 40 minute sessions that will provide you with more knowledge about branding and marketing your business.   And just for attending, you could win a $10,000.00 branding campaign.  For more information or to attend one of our sessions please contact us at 1-403-320-1220.