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Alberta Massage and Spa is proud to be able to offer a new product that could dramatically enhance the cosmetic appearance of unsightly nails, this treatment is LCN Wilde-perique Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction. Many patients with unsightly nails ask for help and this could be just what they have been waiting for! This product, unlike many others on the market, has been specifically designed for toenails. The creators of the product understand the role of feet and the stresses and strains placed upon them, along with the various diseases often affecting toenails. After years of extensive research, this highly elastic gel was developed. LCN is a highly elastic, light-curing synthetic resin which is cured in a UV light unit. The treatment is built up in layers to provide a full or partially restored nail to provide an attractive cosmetic result. The resulting “nail” is strong, whilst at the same time flexible and able to adapt to the movement of the toe. Anyone can have this treatment, even with healthy nails and in this case, it would be similar to having any other polish or similar beauty treatment. The real advantages in this treatment come to those with Fungal nails, Thickened nails, Discoloured Nails, Deformed nails or Missing nails due to Nail surgery or nails that have had partial regrowth following nail surgery.

All of these are pain-free procedures and won’t take more than an hour of your time to have your feet looking and feeling that much better.

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