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Fall is Here!

Fall is the most beautiful time of year. Leaves are changing colors and falling. It is the perfect time to go for a walk and enjoy the last few nice days. But with the change of season comes cooler weather and shorter days.

The Rent-It Store has all of the Equipment & Tools to help you on the Worksite or for your Home Outdoor Fall Projects.

Preparing your tools for storage in the winter is very important

When it comes to keeping your outdoor tools, mowers and more in good working order year after year, a little bit of preparation can help.

The Rent-It Store is Saskatoon’s Aspen Environmentally Friendly Fuel Dealer!

This is a great product for year round use in your equipment. Aspen 2 fuel saves you from running your equipment dry for storage in the winter months.

Aspen 2 is perfect for high & low load engines. This fuel, offers high performance and optimum lubrication. Aspen 2 offers the best performance for you, your equipment and the environment and great for 2 stroke engines

Aspen 4 is an effective fuel for different types of four-stroke engines. Alkylate petrol has been developed in association with commercial users to give the lowest possible environmental impact and a better working environment.

It is purer petrol, free from harmful components such as benzene, lead and toluene. This minimises harmful environmental effects and health risks for the user. The engine is kept cleaner resulting in better efficiency and smoother running.

Fall equipment for the Worksite and Home

Generators, light towers, air compressors and heaters become very popular this time of year. The days are getting shorter and cooler. Worksites must continue to operate no matter what.

One of the most basic needs on any jobsite will be a generator! The Rental/Sales Experts® at The Rent-It Store can help you choose the right generator for your power needs. We carry every kind of generator you will need…..Gas Generators from 2000-6500 Watts…Diesel Generators from 7KW – the G120 KVA…Suitcase Generators to the Popular WhisperWatt Generators.

Light Towers  are perfect for your  work  site or  for event such as football games and more.

Heaters will become necessary as the days get colder.  Keeping your employees warm on the outdoor worksite increases productivity. Contact our Rental/Sales Experts® for more information on the wide variety of heaters available for worksites and for the DIY person.

Enjoy Fall Everyone!

The staff at The Rent-It Store looks forward to helping you find the equipment you need