Medicine Hat Safety training – Amy Zuk


If you are looking at getting back into the workforce there are a variety of training programs that can give you the competitive edge against other applicants.

With cutbacks in workplaces, employers are looking for workers who possess valid training certificates, and have extra training courses under their belt.

Having training courses on your resume shows an employer that you are a self starter, and willing to put in the extra effort to improve your knowledge.

At Safety Buzz, we not only offer industry safety training, but we now offer equipment training such as forklift, skid steer, telehandler and elevated work platform.

If you want to take your training, or your employees training to the next level, consider attending a professional development training seminar that focuses on Leadership, Communication, Team Work and Personal Growth. Our new Buzz Campus is ready to host John Maxwell Professional Development Seminars to push you and your staff’s professional skills to a higher level!

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