Lethbridge Insurance Expert -Brad Beazer

Brokers represent more than one insurance company, giving a broker a variety of markets which allows them to offer you competitive pricing for multiple companies at one time.

As a Broker our role is much more than to simply write your policy

For example no matter what kind of vehicle you are insuring you can choose various levels of coverage, depending on how much protection you want for your car insurance.  Not to mention making it possible for you to have the insurance coverage that fits your lifestyle and individual needs.  For example home insurance – choose what you need to protect (house, outdoor structures, contents, personal liability etc.) and at what value. As your broker, we can help you understand ALL the options and save you time and money by comparing different insurance company’s products for you.

Let your Broker do the hard work

A Broker is also your starting point for all changes and claims. Having a local broker you know can take the stress off of making a change to your policy or to submit a claim.

Having a relationship with your Broker can make all the difference

A broker gets to know you and gives you the information you need to help you decide what sort of insurance protection will best fit your individual needs!

Choose Chaparral Insurance Brokers as YOUR Broker and let us take care of you!