Grandeprairie Funerals Expert- Jordana Kluyt

Caskets, Urns and Jewelry

Today there are endless ways to memorialize a loved one. At Oliver’s, we have assembled a wide variety of ways to honour your family member or friend. Whether you’re in need of a burial or cremation casket, a cremation urn, or even custom, personalized items such as fingerprint and cremation jewelry, we have multiple options for you.

Caskets: At Oliver’s we offer a large variety of materials and styles. Wood is popular choice for its warmth and we have a range of styles in Pine, Ash, Beech, Cherry and Sycamore. There are also beautiful 18 or 20 gauge steel, stainless steel and cloth-covered caskets. Some have special features like a memory safe drawer where family members can place photos and keepsakes. Artfully crafted medallions and corners can be added to select caskets or urns and used as individual keepsakes for family and friends. Select from a variety of choices to create a meaningful tribute.

Urns: There are many, many options when it comes to selecting an urn that fits your vision. You might choose a beautiful, intricate pottery urn or prefer a simple, solid wood box. They can be engraved, an addition that adds a personal touch and provides comfort to those in its presence. By using all the different personalization options that are available for urns (engraving, medallions, LifeSymbols, etc), it’s easier than ever to tell your loved one’s story in their own way. We also offer biodegradable urns to return ashes to the earth, to become part of new growth.

Cremation & Memorial Jewelry: Keep the memory of your loved one close. It can be a source of comfort to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry containing the ashes of a family member or friend. If your loved one was not cremated, there are still options available for memorial jewelry and keepsakes. You could have a fingerprint engraved, a photo, or even your loved one’s hand written signature engraved on jewelry, picture frames or beautiful crystal ornaments. By capturing unique fingerprints, the pieces we offer at Oliver’s are able to build a lasting reminder of the bond you shared with your loved one and create a legacy piece for generations to come.

Whatever your needs, we will take the time to ensure they are met.

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