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Area rugs come in large, medium and small sizes. If you need a rug for a room with a large floor space, such as a dining room or living room, you will need to choose a large size rug. If you want a rug that can be used as a focal point in the room or to show off a piece of furniture, use one or two small or medium sized rugs.

Look the room over closely where you plan to put the rug before you decide on the size to buy. Floor vents, outlets, doors and traffic patterns all influence the size of the rug. Be sure to consider the size of rug you need for the furniture you have in the room.

Measuring the area where you plan to put the rug will help you decide what size you need to buy. There is a rule that applies to every room no matter what size or shape it is. The two ends of the rug should be the same distance from both end walls, and the two sides of the rug should be the same distance from each of the two side walls.

Do you want the rug or the furniture to be the focal point of the room? If you want it to be the furniture, choose a rug that is a color that matches a color in the design on the furniture covering. It doesn’t matter if the rug is a different pattern than the furniture as long as the colors go well together.

If you want the rug to be the focal point of the room, then buy a rug with a live, bold design and use furniture that is a solid color. Make sure you don’t have two things competing for the focal point at the same time.

Do you wish your room was larger? Make it appear larger with a rug with small designs or soft colors. Would you like your room to be warm and cozy? Buy a rug with deep, dark colors. If you want to create a feeling of flair and elegance, just use rugs of different sizes and shapes. There are octagonal, round, hexagonal and oval rugs you can choose from.

Once you’ve learned all you need to know about area rugs, you can allow your imagination to begin to work. You will be surprised how you can change the look and feel of a room just by using diverse designs, sizes, shapes and colors of area rugs.

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