Red Deer Dent Repair – Paul Howard


Nonetheless, the calendar says that spring is officially here, which means in Central Alberta, it’s soon. And time to start getting ready for the better’s no question that the weather patterns everywhere are changing like crazy. In February this year, we had -35ºC and we had +13ºC. Who can keep up with that?

That means cleaning the car, or selling it, or trading it back in. And no matter which of those you’re doing with your car or truck, you really don’t want those annoying dents and dings. If you’re keeping your vehicle, they’re distracting. If you’re getting rid of your vehicle, you want the highest value for it that you can get. We can help in both of those circumstances.

No fillers, no paint, no chemicals. Just undoing that dent. Usually faster and less expensively than traditional body work. Keep as much money in your pocket as you can, maintain your vehicle’s value, and cross one more item off your spring clean up list! The estimate’s free too. Give us a call at our NEW location!