Grande Prairie Dentist – Dr. Jeff Falk

Dental Implant Surprises

Patients are surprised with numerous things in a modern dental office – and I’m happy to say most of them these days are ‘good’ surprises.

With dental implants, the learning curve is steep because most patients have no experience with them. Someone suggested they might be ideal for tooth replacement, hence the learning curve because they sound pretty ‘major’ to most patients.  The number one question we hear is ‘How much are they going to hurt?’  The answer is that dental implant surgery today need not be any more onerous or invasive than most other procedures. We always prescribe some medication on a ‘just in case’ basis, but patients frequently don’t take them. It is possible to do this surgery in our General Anesthesia Suite, but frequently we utilize I.V. Sedation, and most frequently – Oral Sedation. It should be no less comfortable than a root canal or a crown placement.

We also hear ‘How will I look during treatment?’  Most people don’t want a big hole in their mouth during treatment which can last months, so we create a temporary for them in order to be able to work and communicate without anyone knowing you are ‘in treatment’.

A recent patient said ‘My other dentist said I didn’t have enough bone, so implants were out. Why are we even discussing them?’  It is now possible with bone grafting to literally ‘add bone’ to most dental implant sites. It’s not uncommon for our bones to shrink as we age, and in some people their jaw bones – particularly the upper jaw – are paper thin. Complications can arise if the dental implant ‘root’ is too long for the implant site. Adding bone can range from particulate bone in the socket of the tooth removed, to solid block grafting which we perform in liason with an oral surgeon. It becomes affixed to your exiting bone, and in as few as 4-6 months you have an implant site that can be perfectly stable.  Using our scanning machine we have the ability to not only see where your bone is, but also determine how thick it is. All of this bodes very well for a successful result!

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