Grande Prairie Jewellery & goldsmither –Marek Andrzej Fracek

MAF Goldsmith is proud to offer FREE CLEANING and polishing of our customer’s jewellery before that big date or just because it’s time to shine! When you see that your wedding ring does not have the same luster and shine, it sometimes needs some professional cleaning.

After a few years of married life, you may find that your wedding ring doesn’t seem to fit anymore. MAF Goldsmith offers re-sizing service. Prices may vary depending on the type of ring and metal type. If we are sizing it bigger the ring may require additional stones and metal. Sizing it down will be less expensive, but again costs can vary depending on the ring type. Come in for a free consultation on your ring.

We recommend twice yearly checks of your rings and all your precious antique jewellery, especially if it is worn daily. This allows us to identify any weak areas before they become problems, or worse before you lose the diamonds!

If you want your ring to look brand new, we can restore it to its original form. We will check the ring for imperfections and do the necessary operations to make it like new again. When it comes to restoring antique jewellery the process can often be very complex due to its sometimes fragile state. It should only be restored and repaired by a qualified goldsmith.

Many stories have been passed on to us about customers being told they needed a lot of expensive work done on their jewellery when that is not always the case. Part of the problem exists when unqualified, usually sales-oriented, counter people try to evaluate the condition of an item. They can easily over- quote the work needed just to be safe, or perhaps even to boost their employer’s repair sales. An unsuspecting customer may authorize expensive repair work out of unrealistic fears of losing precious stones from their piece.  Sometimes the item is taken in by the store and sent to their repair person, who may be in a different location or city. This adds expenses to the jeweller, which must then be passed on to the customer.

At MAF Goldsmith all the jobs and repairs are done in house. So if you have an old piece of jewellery that has lost its lustre and want it brought back to its original glory, do not hesitate to come down to have us take a look. We will make your jewellery shine again.

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