Red Deer Gluten Free Products – Joe Vangelderen

Gluten Free seems to be the thing today. The people that need gluten free are reacting to the protean in wheat, rye, and barley. “Free” mean no gluten at all. Their immune system can detect gluten in the parts per million, some, maybe more then we know, detect it in the parts per billion, smaller then 1 part per million. The government has defined gluten free to mean 20 parts per million or less. Of course that amount is way to much for the people dealing with this issue. Many companies producing “Gluten Free” products, make sure that they meet the 20PPM or less, but those products are not to be consumed by the people that have issues with gluten. 20PPM was used many years ago because the best test the government had at its disposal could detect gluten to 20PPM or more. Today there are tests to 5PPM, and they are working on a parts per billion test. The definition should be “No Detectable Gluten”, or NDG, so manufactures can mark their products gluten free, when their products can pass the latest approved test, hopefully soon in the parts per billion. There are countries in the world, like Australia and New Zealand, that have the NDG standard. They will save their medicare systems a lot of money. The Totally Gluten Free Bakery subscribes to the NDG standard. For more information contact us @ 403-789-8432