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You’re on a budget?  Watching your dollars?

At Hot Tub Wholesale we can show you how to own a hot tub with payments less than $10 per week.

Our new Dreammaker Spas are super lightweight, easy to set up and easy to move.  This is a great way to purchase a new hot tub for a great price.

The new Dream Maker Spas are energy efficient hybrids.

Just plug them in to a dedicated 115 volt household. No special wiring needed. Or you can amp them up and have an electrician wire them for 220 volt.

Also after you have had a chance to try your new hot tub for a while and realize you can’t live without it; you can upgrade your spa to one of our select acrylic models  and get a great trade in allowance for your first spa anytime within the first year.

Owning a spa provides for great family entertainment and ensures you can enjoy your spa as a relaxing oasis in your home.  Great for the lake,  great for the home, and great for the family.

Dream Maker’s HYBRID Quad Energy System

Dream Maker Spas are insulated with our proprietary Green Guard Roxul Insulation, locking in heat while locking out cold, reducing demand on your spas heating system.

M7 heating technology adds superior efficiency and control for maintaining the water temperature in your spa.

Working in tandem with the M7 heater is our friction preheater that harnesses the natural energy created by the rapid movement of the water.

Dream Maker engineering also captures the “free heat” and circulates it inside the spa cabinetry to add additional “passive energy efficiency”.

Hot Tub Wholesale along with Dream Maker Spas offers great pricing,  a very portable hot tub, and great energy efficiency.

Come into hot tub wholesale and check out all the models

.*OAC, see store for details

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