Grandeprairie Trademarking Wills and Estates Expert – Bill Stemp

What is a Patent?

A patent is an exclusive right given by the Government of one country to manufacture, use or market an invention. That invention might be a piece of equipment, or it could be a process by which a product is made. A patent is intended to protect the way something works, its function, or the purpose for which it was developed. Anything that has a consumer / industrial / commercial benefit that can be sold is eligible for a patent.

Why would I need one?

A patent is the only means by which you can “own an invention” and have the right to control or decide who is entitled to manufacture, sell or import your product or manufacturing methods. You cannot prevent someone from using your idea unless you hold a patent for the invention.

What’s the process to apply for a Patent?

We conduct patent searches in the US patent office because they have the best collection of prior patents. This can be done in any country’s Patent Office in which you wish to market your invention.

The second reason is to learn whether any patents previously granted are similar to your invention, and whether those patents have expired. If any relevant patent has not expired, then you risk being sued for patent infringement .

A patent application in Canada and the United States will often take 2-3 years.