Lethbridge Business Coaching Expert -Garth McDonald

When Times are Tough, Part 3

So giving great service in tough times makes good business sense.  But how do you actually achieve it?  Here are are 2 of 8 proven principles you can use:

Bounce back with effective service recovery.  Sometimes things do go wrong. When it happens to your customers, do everything you can to make things right again, as soon as possible.  Fix the problem.  Show sincere concern for any discomfort, frustration or inconvenience.  Then “do a little bit more” by giving your customers something positive to remember – a token of goodwill, a small gift of appreciation, a discount on future orders, or an upgrade to a higher class of product. This is not the time to lay blame for what went wrong, or to calculate the costs of repair.  Restoring customer goodwill is worth the price in future orders and new business.

Appreciate your complaining customers.  Customers with complaints can be your best allies in building and improving your business.  They point out where your system is faulty, and where procedures are weak or problematic.  They show you where your products are below expectations or your service doesn’t measure up.  They point out areas where your competitors are getting ahead, or where your team is falling behind.  These are the same insights and conclusions that people pay consultants to provide…but a “complainer” gives them to you free. And remember, for every one person who complains, there are many more that won’t even bother to tell you.  The others just take their business elsewhere.  At least the complainer gives you a chance to reply and set things right.

Encourage your customers to give you feedback! This is a great way to learn what can be improved and grow!

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