Lethbridge Funeral Planner -Nicolas Salmon

What to do when a family member dies.

When somebody dies, the family is often unprepared for the reality of death.  Their first reaction is usually shock and disbelief, and the first question they often ask is “What do I do now?”

If the death is expected, and occurred in a hospital or a hospice, the staff will usually contact the funeral home for the family.  They will have a list of the funeral homes from around the area to choose from.

If the death occurs at home, without medical care, call the local police or 911.

When you call Salmon and Sons Funeral Home after a death, we will gladly answer all your questions simply and honestly.  We will transfer your family member into our care as soon as possible.  Then meet with you in the next day or two, to go over several decisions that will need to be made, such as cremation or burial, etc.

At Salmon and Sons Funeral Home we live and work by the Golden Rule.

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