Lethbridge Marketing strategist – Trish Hauck

After taking a few years off to raise my babies, I am right back where I left off – media sales at 106.7 Rock and Kiss 107.7. The mechanics of my job are more or less the same, however I have a new set of clients in which to learn more about and help to grow their business by satisfying their advertising needs. With this in mind I have to be conscious of making a good first impression.

Forbes magazine says that it only takes “three to five seconds for someone to form a first impression”. This means you must consciously put your best foot forward when presenting yourself.  Your attire, verbal and non-verbal communication, attitude and grooming practices may ultimately affect how trustworthy and competent you appear. This is mostly referring to the face-to-face initial interaction between individuals and is invaluable advice for laying the ground work for success personally and professionally.

First impressions however are not only made one on one between people. When a business first opens, public perceptions begin to form immediately. Where is the business located? Do they have visible and professional signage? Does their business name describe their offerings? These are the initial impressions that can affect whether or not a potential customer even enters the building. Next, upon entering, does the external look and feel of the business match the interior? Is it clean and welcoming? Are the customers greeted in an appropriate amount of time? Is the staff helpful and inviting? These concepts are essential in making a great first public impression.

It is crucial for business owners to continue building this first impression in their advertising and promotional efforts. After meticulously choosing a name, logo, location, staff and products/services offered, businesses often rush or ignore promotion of their hard work. By either slapping together ill thought out creative or worse not advertising at all, the momentum of a strong “first impression” can be stunted or even lost.

No matter the avenue a business, new or established, decides to advertise and promote themselves, it is important to stay true to their bricks and mortar brand. Do not cut corners at this stage of your marketing plan. Use your promotions and advertising to solidify the image you have worked so hard to build – creating the best first impression.

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