Medicine Hat Automotive Accessories – Tyson Knoblich

Automakers are taking drastic measures to improve fuel economy.  One manufacturer in particular is Ford.  Recently Ford has unveiled their new line of F series trucks in aluminum body instead of steel.  While this reduces alot of weight and opens up new found levels of fuel economy and drive ability, it poses some problems in the accessories department.  

How can that be a problem? Let’s talk about galvanic corrosion or dissimilar metal corrosion.  If we take a galvanized screw and thread it into a piece of aluminum, the softer of the two metals will start to corrode at an advanced rate.  According to a study done by Truck Hardware and Ford Motor Co., if the mudflaps or any accessory is mounted without the proper aluminum hardware or insulated brackets, the aluminum will be so badly corroded in two years your part will simply fall off due to the levels of advanced corrosion.

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