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The last thing anyone wants is to have a trip interrupted by vehicle break downs.
This is a great time of year to take the time to have your vehicle (new or old) serviced & inspected to minimize the chances of problems while traveling.he last thing anyone wants is to have a trip interrupted by vehicle break downs.

Many late model vehicles use an extended interval service schedule (Maintenance Minder System) though each manufacturer uses their own name. The computer is capable of monitoring how you use your vehicle and recommending service based on the systems that it can monitor. There are a lot of components that few or none of the manufacturers are able to monitor.

Brakes: while some will monitor the wear on 1 or more pads, they can’t make a visual inspection of the complete system

Pot holes & suspension damage. Do you have damaged or worn suspension components that require replacement or alignment?

Fluid leaks. There may be a warning light, but by the time it comes on, the only safe thing to do is stop & have it repaired (not convenient in the middle of a trip.

Make sure all Factory service recommendations have been completed. The heat of summer will test all vehicle systems

Tip of the month: As many batteries fail in Hot weather as they do in cold. If yours is 4 or more years old, have it checked before you are  stranded.

Special Offer to June 30th

A/C inspection. $49.95

(Plus materials as required).

See Service Advisor for details.

We offer maintenance & full system Diagnostics & Repair on more than 30 makes of Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles. Both Gas and Diesel.  Factory Approved Maintenance & Programming.

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