Medicine Hat Hunting and Fishing Suppliers- Jason Black

Hunting draw FAQ

What is a 999 application?

If you do not plan on hunting/sportfishing this year, you can increase your priority by 1 with a priority only (also called 999) application. If you do not plan on hunting/sportfishing, you should not submit an application for a specific WMU or season.

Can I apply with a friend?

Yes, up to 4 people can apply as a group for one application fee (for most draws – some draws only allow 1 or 2 applicants). All group members will have the same draw choices and all will usually be drawn or not drawn together. If a group submits a 999 (priority only) application, the priority of all members will increase by 1.

Is there any disadvantage to applying as a group?

The group application will use the lowest priority of all the group members for the draw. For example, if one group member has 2 points and the other members have 5 points, the application will have 2 points (If drawn, each member of the application will have their priority dropped to 0, while if not drawn, each applicant will have their individual priority increased by 1).

Do I need a valid WIN card to apply for the draws?

No. A WIN number is required, but you do not need to renew your card if it is expired when you apply for the draws. A valid WIN card is required to purchase any drawn licence(s).

Can I apply for a different draw choice than last year and not lose priority?

Yes, you can apply for any draw choice within the same draw code without affecting you priority.